InnerCHANGE Companions




of each other


As InnerCHANGE Companions, we agree to....

  • Align our lives according to the InnerCHANGE Commitments & Values
  • Faithfully pray alongside and for InnerCHANGE and Companions
  • Actively demonstrate a heart for the poor - e.g.,
    – Regularly participate in direct neighborhood ministry with an InnerCHANGE team.
    – Regularly minister among the poor in my own context with a relational approach.
    – Use my professional capacities in ways which benefit work among the poor.
    – Be an ambassador for the poor in my context.
    – Intentionally advocate regarding issues of poverty and justice.
  • Participate in the Companions community
    • Connect with other Companions - e.g.,
      – Participate in InnerCHANGE Companion Local Gatherings.
      – Attend InnerCHANGE Companion International Gatherings.
      – Join learning and support calls.
    • Communicate regularly with either my InnerCHANGE Companions area leader or the member of InnerCHANGE who is my primary contact.
    • Use my gifts to build, nurture and serve the Companions community.
    • Make regular financial contributions to the Companions Culture of Giving Initiative.
  • Intentionally foster our personal and spiritual development
    • Be attentive to the ongoing state of my connection to God and seek help when needed.

    • Be attentive to the areas of my life where the Lord is developing maturity and seek help when needed.

  • Prayerfully review our lives each year according to:

    • the InnerCHANGE Commitments and Values

    • these Companion Agreements

    • the developmental goals set in the prior year

  • Recommit, as God leads, to Companions each year and set ministry and development goals for the upcoming year